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Our Mission

Ohio Food Safety Education Services mission is to provide the Food-Service Industry with food safety certification training where we are;

Always putting the learner first

Always building expertise and passion for supporting the Food-Service Industry

Always taking pride in contributing to a healthier Ohio

Always nurturing a progressive, empowering and enjoyable work environment


The Learner Comes First

Ohio Food Safety Education Services over-riding mission is to continuously educate the Food-Service Industry allowing every single learner the opportunity to increase their knowledge, understanding and implementation of food safety practices, which in turn makes them proud to keep Ohio diners healthy and safe.

Our learning materials, comfortable learning environment, and communication systems are all designed to enable the most informative, accessible and enjoyable learning experience possible. Ensuring that this process is robust and memorable, directly improves the translation of learning into daily on-the-job application.

We match learning outcomes with realities of 'real-life' situations that a learner experiences in a food-service establishment on a day-to-day basis.



Ohio Food Safety Education Services  supports and enhances the educational process for restaurant and hospitality professionals, regulatory agencies, corporations, and associations. This is accomplished by using engaging content with interactivity, instructionally-sound assessment tools, multiple language offerings, and terrific customer support. Using ServSafe course material developed by the National Restaurant Association, each course is reviewed by subject matter and customized to comply with local regulations and requirements.

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